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20 December 2008 - School Reopens After Hajj Break - 29th December 2008 - English Debates (Boys' Wing) - 31st December 2008 - English Debates (Girls' Wing) - 1st January 2009 - New Year

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Our Mission

 The years involved in a child's mental as well as physical development require planning and devotion and constitute the foundation of the child's academic career as most of the basic concepts of learning are gained in these formative years. PISES understands its responsibility in this regard and focuses upon furnishing he child's potentials in all areas.

Our student is our main concern! The aim of the school is to ensure that each student achieves his/her potential and goes even further. The secure and nurturing environment of PISES, Riyadh is ideal for developing personality as well as practical skills. We would like you to choose PISES for a wonderful start to your child's academic life. Whether your child is with us for a limited period or stays till the completion of his 'A' Levels, we extend our warm welcome to you and your child.

Given that most of us are in Riyadh on a temporary basis, PISES aims to provide quality education away from home. In a foreign environment, he school aims to educate our children in a Pakistani setting to build the cultural and linguistic bonds so that our children grow up to be proud Pakistanis in addition to being competent and practicing Muslims.

Contact Information

The School is happy to deal with any general enquiries. Please call and dial the required extension during the school hours i.e. 7:30 a.m. - 1:40 p.m. Should you wish to contact the headmistress, the Senior Mistress or the Class/ Subject Teacher, please contact the School Secretary. For other enquiries, the Secretary to the Board of Directors will be available daily from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. on extensions 28 and 34.

Telephone (Boys Wing)
+966 - 1 - 4656539, 4648426, 2930983
Telephone (Girls Wing)
+966 - 1 - 2792030-4627107-4650721, 4661072
Telephone (Infant Wing)
+966 - 1 - 2932949
Management Council
+966 - 1 - 2192332  (5:00 pm - 8:00 pm)

Fax - Management Council

+966 - 1 - 2930983

Office Telephone (Admission Enquiries)
465-0721 Ext. 33 & 34
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