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School Management

1- Headmistress

2- Senior Mistress - (Girls Wing)

3- Coordinator - (Boys Wing)

4-Coordinator  - (Infant Wing)


The School has three separate Wings for Infants, Girls and Boys.

   Infant Wing

The Infant Wing is set-up in a separate building near the main school. The section is managed by the Infant Wing Coordinator who is well experienced in Kindergarten Education and so are the other teachers. The section is well equipped with teaching aids and playing equipment required for this age level.

As the name speaks, this wing holds in it the most delicate and fragile part of our student strength and have classes from Nursery to Year1. It is a perfect model of a learning place designed for such tender age students as 4-6 years old. The caring and affectionate environment here makes every child feel special and important. It further develops self-confidence in them, enabling them to face the challenges of greater pursuits in their academic life.


Girls Wing

This is the main campus of the school and houses Junior Sections of Boys and Girls (Year 2 to Year 5)as well as Senior Girls Section (Year 6 to 'A' Levels). It includes a well-equipped Library, Science Lab, Computer Lab and Physical Education facilities and is well equipped with teaching aids and other resources.

Headmistress Office and the Administration Dept. are also situated in this wing.


Boys Wing

Senior Boy's Wing is housed in a separate building for boys from Year 6 to 'A' Levels and is headed by Boys Wing Coordinator. The building is in close proximity of the main branch and is equally equipped with Library, Science Lab, Computer Lab and Physical Education facilities. It also provides the latest teaching aids.

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